Silicone strips for scar reduction

Silicone Strips for Scar Management after Plastic Surgery

How Effective Are Silicone Strips to Reduce Scars? An inevitable consequence of undergoing surgery is scarring. While some scars may fade and become barely noticeable over time, others can be raised, discoloured or unsightly. Scar management is the process of minimising the appearance and impact of scars after plastic surgery. Proper scar management techniques can
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Recovery after breast implant removal

Recovery after Breast Implant Removal

Tips for Recovering After Breast Implant Removal Surgery Breast implants are prostheses that are inserted into your breast for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. There are two types of breast implants: one is saline-filled implants and the other is silicone-gel-filled. These implants may require removal or replacement every 10-15 years or sooner if there is a
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