Eyelid Surgery Scars Treatment Healing and Fading

Eyelid Surgery Scar Treatment, Healing and Fading

Effective Treatments for Eyelid Surgery Scars Eyelid surgery is a common procedure often sought by individuals looking to alter their appearance or improve visibility. In spite of its popularity, much like any other surgical procedure, it carries the potential for post-operative scarring. Understanding the realities and implications of eyelid surgery scars is crucial for those
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What are hooded eyes

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Causes and Treatment for Droopy Eyes Saggy eyelids can blur your vision and make it harder for you to see or read. Some people are born with hooded eyelids, while others develop them as they grow older. Dr Michael Kernohan is a Sydney specialist plastic surgeon with many years of experience performing surgical and non-surgical
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