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Breast Lift without Implants in Sydney – Mastopexy with Dr Kernohan

Breast lift surgery is an effective and safe solution if you want to correct breast ptosis. The breast lift surgery can also be performed with implants if you want to add more volume to the breasts. If you are happy with your breast volume and just need to correct the sagging or breast ptosis, a breast lift without implants can help.

Specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Michael Kernohan, performs breast lift procedures with and without implants in 5 clinic locations in Southwest Sydney and Southern Highlands NSW. He is committed to delivering optimal results. 

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What Is a Breast Lift Surgery?

The breast uplift or breast lift without implants is also known as mastopexy in medical terms. This is the procedure performed to modify the shape of the breasts and their position on the chest wall without changing their volume.

During the breast lift without implants surgery, Dr Kernohan reconstructs and repositions the breasts to a more natural shape and position on the chest wall. Breast ptosis can occur as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding but also due to the natural ageing process and considerable weight fluctuations. 

When the uplift surgery is performed, the mammary gland tissue is centred and repositioned higher on the chest wall. At the same time, Dr Kernohan will reposition the areola and nipple on the breasts to achieve more harmonious features, in line with the rest of the body.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Breast Lift procedure?

Breasts ptosis can occur with age, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and also after weight loss. It is a natural process that affects all women at a certain point in life. The sagginess starts with the overextension of the fibrous ligaments in the breasts. As a result, the glandular tissue starts descending on the chest wall. In medical terms, we call this “breast ptosis,” and it could start as early as the teenage years for patients with large breasts and inadequate skin quality.

Good candidates for the breast lift procedure are women with normal or large breasts that are confronted with a minor, moderate, or severe breast ptosis. Keep in mind that the larger the breasts, the earlier the onset of breast sagging may occur. This is the reason why the breast lift surgery could be performed on patients in their 20s, 30s, or older. 

Eligible candidates for the breast lift surgery are:

  • Suffering due to a certain level of breast sagging
  • Confronted with a lack of upper pole volume

At the same time, there are medical criteria to be met to be able to undergo the breast lift without implants surgery:

  • Good physical health, with no underlying conditions that could affect the results of the surgery or the recovery period
  • Good mental and emotional health
  • Positive attitude and realistic expectations
  • Non-smoking, or willing to quit for a certain period of time, before and after the surgery is performed
  • Not taking medication that could interfere with the general anaesthesia administered for the surgery
  • Not taking birth control pills or anti-inflammatory medication for at least two weeks before the surgery

Breast Lift Surgery – Dr Kernohan’s Surgical Approach

There are different surgical approaches to the breast lift without implants surgery. The most suitable surgical plan for your particular case will be discussed with Dr Kernohan during the initial consultation. The consultation with the plastic surgeon is the first step of your journey. 

The plastic surgeon performs a medical examination and determines the level of breast ptosis. This is essential before deciding the best surgical approach. The surgical technique to be used to elevate your breasts depends on the volume and shape of the breasts and the level of breast sagginess.

Keep in mind that different types of techniques leave different types of scars. But, generally speaking, the scars left after the breast lift without implants surgery shouldn’t be visible when you are wearing regular clothes or even a bra or swimsuit. 

What sort of Breast Ptosis do you have?

Breast Ptosis Breast Lift Sydney Dr Kernohan best breast lift sydney - breast lift cost sydney

Different types of Breast Lift Incisions

Dr Kernohan can use a range of Surgical approaches depending on your breast anatomy.

1. Periareolar Incision

If you are confronted with a minor level of breast ptosis, Dr Kernohan might decide to use the periareolar approach for your breast lift without implants. The incision is made around the areola, and the plastic surgeon uses it to eliminate the excess skin on the breasts.

2. Anchor Incision

One of the most commonly used incisions for a breast lift without implants is called “anchor.” As the name suggests, the incision has the shape of the anchor. It goes vertically from the areola’s edge towards the inframammary fold and in following the breasts’ contour in the fold.

This type of incision allows for a better remodelling of the breasts and is considered a good option for moderate and more severe breast ptosis of larger breasts. 

3. Lollipop Incision

The “lollipop” breast lift incision is another popular option. It entails a round incision around the areola and another one, vertically going towards the inframammary fold. 

These incisions are used to re-centre the glandular tissue, elevate the gland and eliminate excess skin and also to recreate the right position and size for the nipples and the areolas. Good for moderate ptosis and moderate size breasts.

What to Expect After a Breast Lift Surgery?

The breast lift without implants surgery requires general anaesthesia. This means you’ll be asleep the entire duration of the surgery and won’t feel a thing. The procedure rarely lasts around 90 to 120 minutes. After the incisions are sutured, compressive bandages are used, and you are moved to the recovery room.

You may be able to go home the same day or may spend the night in the hospital if required. 

Someone has to drive you home after the breast lift surgery as you will still be under the effects of the anaesthesia used. You should also have someone to help you around the house for the first few couples of days post-op, as the recommendation is to limit arms movements.

Analgesic medication will keep you from experiencing pain and discomfort, and antibiotics are meant to prevent infections from occurring immediately after the surgery.

Recovery after Breast Lift Surgery

The recovery period after the breast lift is uneventful for most patients, as long as they commit to following the plastic surgeon’s recommendations for post-op care. 

This means taking good care of the incisions, avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking medication that was not prescribed by the plastic surgeon. At the same time, you should know that until the incisions are fully healed, you shouldn’t sleep on the tummy or even the sides to avoid unnecessary pressure on the incisions.

Other post-op recommendations after breast lift without implants surgery:

  • Avoid hot showers and baths until your incisions are fully healed
  • No sun exposure at the level of the incisions as this might cause discoloration
  • A special bra should be worn for at least two weeks post-op as it provides your breasts the support they need
  • Keep yourself hydrated and have a healthy, balanced diet to speed up the recovery process
  • Use ice-packs in the first few days post-op to reduce the swelling
  • Avoid any kind of pressure on the incisions in the first week post-op
  • Don’t lift anything or overstretch the arms during the first few days post-op

Potential Risks and Complications of Surgery

All surgery has risks. The breast lift entails incisions and general anaesthesia. This means that there are risks and potential complications that could occur during or after the intervention is performed. Choosing the right breast lift surgeon in your area can help you minimise surgery risks and prevent potential complications. 

Find out more about the risks of plastic surgery here.

How much is a Breast Lift without Implants Surgery in Sydney?

A breast lift surgery can cost around $10,000 to $20,000 in Sydney. A more experienced plastic surgeon might ask for higher fees compared to a less trained and talented doctor. Keep this in mind when choosing the plastic surgeon to perform your breasts lift surgery.

Find out more details about the fees of plastic surgery, have a look at Dr Kernohan’s prices page. You can also contact Dr Kernohan’s team to schedule an appointment or get a cost estimate.

Does Medicare Cover Breast Lift without Implants Surgery?

Generally speaking, to be eligible for Medicare or insurance cover, you need to fulfil certain strict criteria for item number 45558. For more information, check out detail about  Medicare item numbers here.

Funding your Breast Lift without Implants Surgery

To fund your breast lift without implants surgery, you can use a Breast Lift payment plan or medical financing option that are available from independent finance companies.  

How to Find the Right Breast Lift Surgeon in Sydney

When it comes to undergoing a breast lift without implants procedure, you will want the right breast lift surgeon in Sydney to do it.

But it is not only the results of your procedure that are dependent on the experience and skills of the plastic surgeon but also how smooth the recovery is. To avoid unwanted complications, make sure to choose an experienced and well-trained plastic surgeon who performs this intervention routinely. He will give you recommendations that help you minimise the risks and recover quickly after the intervention and also enhance the aesthetic results achieved.

Breast Lift without Implants FAQs

Breast Lift without Implants FAQs – Questions about Breast Lifting

When do the results of the breast lift without implants become visible?

  • For the first days and even weeks after the surgery, your breasts will be swollen and bruised. This means that it is difficult to assess the results of the intervention in the early stages of the recovery process. Give it three to six months before evaluating the final results of the breast lift without implants.

How long does recovery take after a breast lift without implants?

  • If we were to compare the recovery periods after a breast lift with implants and a breast lift without implants, the recovery after the breast lift without implants is much shorter. Most patients take no more than two weeks off from work for the recovery period.

Are there alternatives to the breast lift without implants surgery?

  • The breast lift without implants is the only efficient solution when it comes to treating breast ptosis. No amount of physical exercise can correct even a moderate level of breast ptosis. The surgical solution is the only viable one. Non Surgical skin tightening devices have proven ineffective in the long term.

How do I know if I should have breast implants with my breast lift?

  • The difference between the two procedures is the volume of the breasts. If you are satisfied with your current volume of the breasts, implants might not be necessary. However, if you feel you want bigger breasts or more fullness in the top half of the breast, then a breast lift with implants might be a suitable procedure. Make sure to discuss these details with Dr Kernohan during the initial consultation. 

Further Reading and Medical References on Mastopexy Surgery