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Nostril Reduction Surgery – Alarplasty in Sydney by Dr Kernohan

  • Wide nostrils?
  • Breathing problems?
  • Nasal Flaring?

Alarplasty or Nostril Surgery is a procedure to reshape your nose using a tiny incision at the base of the nostrils.

Nostril Surgery or Alarplasty can help to surgically correct excessive nasal base width, reduce nasal flaring and improve nasal symmetry. Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael Kernohan offers Alarplasty surgery in Sydney.

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What is an Alarplasty ?

Alarplasty is a surgical technique done to correct anomalies in the shape, size, or asymmetry of the base of the nose.

Technically, Alarplasty is a specific technique of rhinoplasty (a popular cosmetic procedure often referred to as a nose job). Alarplasty may sometimes be referred to as alar trimming or alar base reduction. Essentially, the procedure reduces the width and size of the nostrils by removing parts of tissue for the alar (wing) of the nose.

By reshaping the base of your nose, your face and nose will appear more balanced.

Who is suitable for Nostril Surgery?

The ideal nasal base resembles an equilateral triangle. Ideally, the nostrils should be pear-shaped.

Variations in the nose’s structure and shape are often seen among individuals of different ethnicities.

For Caucasian faces, alar flaring may be evident when the width of the base of the nose extends beyond the distance between the inner corners of the eyelids (intercanthal distance). This may necessitate nasal base reduction surgery.

Nonetheless, the need for alarplasty in Australia often arises from ethnic differences, personal preferences, and specific medical conditions.

In addition to correcting existing anatomic defects, anyone may opt for the procedure if they:

  • Have flared nostrils possibly due to their genetics, past accidents, or past rhinoplasties/nasal surgeries

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If you are thinking about undergoing an alar base reduction procedure, make sure that:

  • You are a non-smoker, or at least be willing to quit smoking several weeks prior to and after the procedure
  • You do not have any other existing functional problems with your nose
  • You are physically and mentally fit to undergo surgery
  • You understand the procedure and have realistic expectations of the outcome.

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Benefits of Alarplasty

The wings of your nose (alar) connect the nostrils to your face. Thus, their shape and structure have a profound influence on how your entire face looks. Indeed, how the front of your face looks is strongly dependent on the definition and shape of your nostrils.

A widely accepted standard is that the alar width should not extended beyond the intercanthal distance.

The goal of alarplasty is thus to reduce alar width. Consequently, the primary benefits of this procedure include

  • Eliminating flaring of the nasal alae
  • Narrowing of the nostrils
  • Improving the aesthetics of the nose
  • Creating more symmetrical nostrils
  • Enhancing facial balance by restoring proportionality and symmetry
  • Improving nose function, thus making it easier to breathe

The Alarplasty Procedure

Modern alarplasty is based on a technique that dates back to 1892. In that year, Robert Wier described how external alar wedge incisions could be used to rectify unsightly alar flares. Later in 1931, Joseph and Milstein demonstrated how similar results could be achieved through internal excisions from the vestibular floor and nostril base.

The aplastic techniques used today are primarily modified from the methods described by Wier, Joseph, and Milstein.

Generally, once the need for alar-based reduction has been established, Dr Kernohan may use one or a combination of the techniques explained below.

Option 1 – Alar Wedge Excision (or the Modified Weir Incision)

This is the technique of choke for excessive alar flaring. Dr Kernohan makes an incision along the natural crease where the nose and cheek meet. Subsequently, excess tissue is removed from the ala in a wedge-like fashion.

The technique prevents over-straightening of the alar, thereby preserving the natural curvature of the nose. When done correctly, the nose heals nicely without leaving any telltale signs of the procedure done.

It’s common for the alar wedge excision maneuver to be performed in concert with a nasal sill excision.

Option 2 – Nasal Sill Excision

This technique is often done when the alar base is wide, and the nasal sill is also large.

In the nasal sill technique, Dr Kernohan makes an incision inside the nose and removes tissue from the alar base. By excising the alar base, narrowing of the nostrils can be achieved easily. Additionally, since the incisions are internal, the amount of visible scarring post-surgery is minimal.

Sill excisions are often done alongside wedge excisions with or without V-Y advancement.

Option 3 – V-Y Advancement

Besides the wedge and sill techniques, there are many other ways for a Dr Kernohan to perform alarplasty. One such method is the V-Y advancement technique.

In this maneuver, he makes an additional incision on the lateral aspect of the wedge incision described above.


The Alarplasty Patient Journey with Dr Kernohan

Consultation with Dr Kernohan

The journey begins with finding a top Rhinoplasty Surgeon with significant experience in performing successful nose surgery and alarplasty procedures.

Before agreeing to perform an alarplasty procedure, Dr Kernohan will carefully examine your nose to exclude or elicit concurrent deformities and diseases. He will additionally assess your eligibility to undergo the procedure.

Once the relevant criteria have been met and you qualify for the procedure, Dr Kernohan will explain, in detail, everything that’s going to happen as well as the expected outcome and possible complications.

During the consultation, you are strongly encouraged to bring forth any questions or concerns that you might have about the procedure. Be as candid as you possibly can when talking to your surgeon.

Remember to also ask about the costs and financing options for the procedure.

At the end of your consultation, you and your surgeon will schedule a date for the procedure.

Surgery Preparation

In the days leading to the procedure:

  • Avoid smoking– it may impair the healing process
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and alcohol
  • Arrange for pick up at the hospital after the surgery
  • Ask a friend to come over and stay with you for a day or two after the surgery if you live alone.

On the day of the alarplasty, be sure to follow all the guidelines Dr Kernohan recommends regarding your preparation for the surgery.

Performing The Alarplasty procedure

Alarplasty, when performed as the only nose surgery procedure, is a relatively short procedure. It may be an outpatient procedure done within thirty minutes to one hour. Alarplasty may also be combined with Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty surgery.

Depending on Dr Kernohan’s recommendations, alarplasty may be performed under local or general anaesthesia. After the procedure, you’ll be free to go back home, on the same day.

Recovery after Alarplasty

Since alarplasty is a minor procedure, recovery is usually quick. Most patients are able to perform their normal daily activities in less than a week.

After the procedure, you may experience some bruising and swelling, which will resolve spontaneously in a few days. You will additionally receive medication to ease any pain and/or discomfort that may ensure.

One may have to wear a cast or splint within the first week to support your nose as it heals.

It’s recommended that a patient takes some time off work for a week or two post-surgery.

During the first week or two after the procedure, you should refrain from:

  • Blowing your nose
  • Sleeping on your face
  • Swimming
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Excessive chewing
  • Strenuous activities and exercise
  • Smoking

Although recovery takes only a couple of days, the aesthetics of your face and nose keep improving over time as the contours settle in and nose shape and structure conform to the rest of your face.

The results of Alarplasty are usually permanent unless you injure or damage your nose.

alarplasty before and after risk Dr Michael Kernohan Sydney

Alarplasty Risks And Complications

As with all surgeries, alarplasty has its risks and complications.

After the procedure, any one of the following complications may occur: swelling, bruising, bleeding and infection, among others.

Dr Kernohan will explain to you all possible risks in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Alar Base Reduction Cost Australia Alarplasty Cost Dr Kernohan Sydney

Alarplasty Price & Costs – How much is Alarplasty in Sydney?

The cost of alarplasty may vary depending on your specific case. Nevertheless, having the procedure done by a specialist plastic surgeon in Sydney can be around $10,000 upwards depending on your surgeon’s skill & experience, the hospital and location.

One of the biggest mistakes a patient can make when undergoing alarplasty is having it done by an underqualified, undertrained doctor in a back room or day surgery just because their prices were lower than what you would pay at an accredited health facility or surgical theater.

Cheap alarplasty procedures are often done under less-than-ideal conditions by people who lack the relevant medical training. Thus, the risk of complication risk is high.

For more information about Alarplasty prices visit Dr Kernohan’s pricing page

Contact Dr. Kernohan’s team today to get a quote on Alarplasty cost and payment options available in Sydney.

Funding Your Alarplasty

Alarplasty is usually an elective cosmetic or aesthetic nose surgery. As such, it typically isn’t covered by most medical health insurance as it may not be covered by Medicare. If you have functional or breathing problems, you may be eligible for a Medicare item number.

Since you will be paying out of pocket, you may want to know about payment plans and medical financing options available.

How to find the Right Nostril Surgeon in Sydney

Do your thorough homework when researching the right rhinoplasty surgeon.

Ideally, choose a surgeon who:

  • Is a specialist plastic surgeon skilled in rhinoplasty with an aesthetic focus
  • Is experienced in nostril and nasal surgery
  • Operates in proper, accredited health facilities
  • Has a good support team, including anesthetists and nurses
  • Offers excellent post-surgery aftercare

Why Choose Dr Michael Kernohan?

Dr Michael Kernohan is a highly specialised plastic surgeon with years of experience in procedures of the Face, Nose and Ears.

He has spent a lifetime acquiring the training and hands-on surgical experience needed to perform precise cosmetic procedures that produce natural, lasting, and satisfactory results.

He is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and dedicated member of the Australia Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). As a top specialist plastic surgeon in Sydney, Dr Michael works alongside a team of highly trained medical professionals committed to providing exceptional, world-class healthcare in a personalized, secure, and caring environment.


Alarplasty FAQs

Does alarplasty hurt?

  • No, the procedure is quite painless. It is done under anaesthesia, and after the procedure, pain-relievers are administered.

Is alarplasty permanent?

  • Yes. The procedure essentially removes some tissue from your nose– this is irreversible. So, the aesthetic results of alarplasty are permanent.

Does alarplasty affect breathing?

  • A well-done alarplasty shouldn’t affect your breathing.

Is alarplasty the same as rhinoplasty?

  • Alarplasty is a technique in rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty broadly refers to procedures that modify the nose. Alarplasty, on the other hand, is primarily focused on alar base remodeling. As such, when compared to rhinoplasty, alarplasty is cheaper, less invasive, and takes less time.

Is an Alarplasty safe?

  • When alarplasty is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr Michael Kernohan, it’s very low risk of complications and a fast recovery timeline.

Is an Alarplasty permanent?

  • Alarplasty is very effective in reshaping the base of the nose, narrowing the nostrils, and reducing alar flaring. The results are usually very aesthetically pleasing and permanent.

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