Surgery Payment Plans, Medical Finance and Payment Options for Surgery

Surgery Payment Plans Dr Kernohan Sydney

Funding Options and Surgery Payment Plan for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Please Note: Our Practice is NOT a credit provider. We do NOT receive any rebates or commissions from ANY banks or credit suppliers. All finance and credit providers are independent, external companies.

We provide NO financial advice. You will need to consider your own financial circumstances when deciding if finance is suitable for you.

Find out about a surgery payment plan, medical finance and other options for funding your surgery in Southwestern Sydney NSW.

Funding Your Surgery

Some of our patients fund their surgery using these methods

Withdraw from your Super Fund to pay for Surgery

  • Your Superannuation Fund can sometimes be accessed early to pay for surgery. This is likely to apply to Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), Breast Reduction, Body Contouring or Skin Reduction after significant weight loss or Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery.
  • The Australian Tax Office (ATO) will assess your Early Withdrawal of Super Access application on compassionate grounds for medical procedures that treat life-threatening illnesses or chronic pain. The final decision to release, however, will be made by your Super Fund. Find out more by visiting the ATO

Medical Finance

  • Use a Payment Plan for Medical Finance from a reputable Medical Finance Company.

Do we offer a pre payment plan?


Payment Plan BEFORE Your Surgery

Surgery Savings Plans

  • A special-purpose savings fund may be a good option for patients who want to save up the funds to pay for their surgery before having their operation. To save on mortgage interest, you can also choose to pay your mortgage ‘down’ in advance; then redraw funds from your early payments when you’re ready to have your surgery.
  • Furthermore, you can  pre-pay your surgery in advance in instalments if you like

Payment Plan AFTER Your Surgery

Finance Options

  • Quality Plastic Surgery can be costly. Dr Kernohan strives to provide optimal results. There are a number of reputable external independent finance companies that may be able to help some surgery patients who do not have the money to pay for their surgery up-front.