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Injectables Treatments at Pure Visage – Dr Kernohan’s Medispa

Dr Michael Kernohan is a specialist plastic surgeon offering a wide range of Plastic Surgery and Non-Surgical Treatments and injectables in Sydney NSW.

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Dr Kernohan offers Injectables Treatments such as:

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Best Anti-Ageing Treatments for Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Our Team offers a number of treatments using high-quality, undiluted injectables, such as:

Types of Injectable Treatments Dr Kernohan Sydney

Different types of injectable treatments

Anti-wrinkle injectables are a good option to minise lines and wrinkles.

Injectables can be used to remove things such as crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines and to maintain facial expressions.

Injectables can also be used to remove tear troughs, replace lost volume, replace moisture (the new Skin Booster microinjections) as well as enhance key features such as jawline and cheeks.

Lip Flip and Lip Fillers are also very popular for Lip Enhancement. Microneedling can also help rejuvenate the aspect of the face.

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