Filler Dissolving Treatment Sydney

Filler Dissolving Hyalase treatment by Dr Kernohan Plastic Surgeon

Dermal fillers can be misplaced or injected in the wrong place causing complications. Filler dissolving injections are effective for treating these areas.

If you experience dermal filler complications, you can consult Dr Michael Kernohan who is an experienced specialist plastic surgeon, and performs Filler dissolving treatment and other non-invasive procedures in his 5 clinics in Sydney and Southern Highlands regions.

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When do you need a filler dissolving treatment?

There are some cases when you might want to dissolve the filler. These are:

  • Filler spreads to other areas of the skin
  • Lumps have formed near the treated area
  • An asymmetrical result after getting dermal fillers
  • Allergic reactions such as swelling in the treated area.
  • Overfilled area
  • Infection after filler

What is the filler dissolving procedure?

Filler dissolving is a process in which hyaluronidase enzyme is injected in the area treated with dermal fillers. The procedure is very simple and quick to perform. Dr Kernohan may use 1 to 4 injections of Hyalase into the area where you want to dissolve the filler. The total time of this procedure is up to 10 minutes.

What is Hyalase?

Hyalase consists of an active ingredient which is a hyaluronidase enzyme that can be used to break down the hyaluronic acid filler. It takes up to 2 weeks to get desirable results and you may need to repeat the procedure. You may also experience slight vasodilation, redness, and erythema after the treatment. It is important to provide an appropriate dose of Hyalase injection into the treated area because it can damage a large amount of hyaluronic acid.

How does Hyalase treatment work?

During Hyalase treatment, Dr Kernohan may perform a skin patch test. Then, he might administer an anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable for you. Then Hyalase is injected into the desired areas. Make sure to schedule a check-up two weeks after the procedure to check dose administration and results.  Sometimes, you may need additional dissolving treatment, so you have to repeat the procedure. Dr Kernohan will tell you if additional sessions are required.

Good candidates for Hyalase treatment

To find whether Hyalase treatment is suitable for you or not, Dr Kernohan might do a patch test. The skin patch test is performed twenty minutes before the procedure. During this test, a little amount of Hyalase is injected into the skin and see the results. If it causes any kind of reaction and the test is positive, then you are not a suitable candidate for Hyalase treatment. If the test is negative, then Dr Kernohan can dissolve the filler with the help of Hyalase injections.

Generally speaking, all patients getting filler injections and desiring to reverse the effects are potential candidates for this treatment.

Common areas for treatment

The filler dissolving Hyalase treatment can be used to treat different areas of the face such as:

  • Tear troughs
  • Temples
  • Chin
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Lips area

Why do I need a filler dissolving procedure?

Sometimes, the filler treatment does not provide the expected results. Therefore, you might want to dissolve the filler. If the filler has migrated to other areas, in case of asymmetry or when there is too much of it, you might need Hyalase treatment to dissolve it.

Potential Complications after filler dissolving treatment

You may see some adverse effects after the Hyalase treatment, such as:

  • Swelling on the treated area
  • Redness and erythema
  • Pain due to injections
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Itching

Results after filler dissolving treatment

After the Hyalase treatment, you may see some quick results or in most cases, see the results within 24 to 48 hours. Once the Hyalase treatment is completed, hyaluronidase will start breaking down the hyaluronic acid filler from the skin. 


What are the precautions before the treatment?

  1. You should avoid taking medications, fish oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C one week before the filler dissolving treatment. All these things can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising
  2. If you are taking any kind of medicine, you should tell Dr Kernohan
  3. You should avoid anti-wrinkle injections at least 48 hours before and after the Hyalase treatment


After the filler dissolving procedure, you can start your normal routine. There is some post-treatment advice that may include:

  • You can use ice packs that can be helpful in the reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • You may use painkillers if you experience pain in the treated area
  • It is also advised not to touch your face or apply makeup for 6 hours. It helps to prevent the treated area from infections

Filler Dissolving Treatment FAQs

Is it possible to get filler again in the same area?

  • Yes, when the filler is completely dissolved in the skin after two weeks, you can get filler injections again. Many people use the filler dissolving procedures to correct the results of the previous filler. It can help them to refill the area after two weeks.

Does Hyalase treatment have visible adverse effects?

  • The common adverse effects are minor bruising and pain after the Hyalase injections. It will take some days to resolve these symptoms.

Is Hyalase treatment safe?

  • Hyalase treatment is considered safe, but you need a specialist plastic surgeon to make sure that the injections are administered correctly. This is the reason many clinics do not provide this service.

How can I dissolve my lip filler?

  • To dissolve your lip filler, you need Hyalase injection to break down the hyaluronic acid filler. The hyaluronidase enzyme starts to dissolve the filler immediately after the treatment. Within two weeks, your lips will return to their condition.

How long after Hyalase treatment can I refill?

  • You need to wait at least 2 weeks to completely dissolve the Hyalase into your skin. If you get the treatment early, the hyaluronidase enzyme can break down your new fillers.

Does nose filler move?

  • Sometimes, it can happen that your filler may migrate from the injection site to the surrounding area of the body. The side effects of movement of filler are rare, but you can resolve them with the help of Hyalase treatment.

Why do we prefer dissolving filler?

  • The treatment is done by using natural substances. There is a very small risk of an allergic reaction to the Hyalase treatment. For that, Dr Kernohan might perform a skin patch test to check the sensitivity of skin against allergic reactions.

Does Hyalase filler cause swelling?

  • After the Hyalase treatment, you can go back to your normal routine. Minor swelling is a common side effect that is resolved after a few days.

Can I exercise after Hyalase treatment?

  • You should avoid exercise and other vigorous activities for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Moreover, you should also avoid those activities that enhance the blood flow to the face such as massage and facials.

Do my lips return to normal after dissolving fillers?

  • The speed of the treatment depends upon your metabolism. Usually, it takes 2 weeks to completely dissolve in your skin. When Hyalase dissolves in your skin, you can notice your lips will return to their normal and natural state.

Are Hyalase and hyaluronidase the same compound?

  • Hyalase injections consist of hyaluronidase enzyme which is also produced naturally in our body. It helps to break down the hyaluronic acid which is found in the cells of connective tissue.

Do I need to repeat the treatment of Hyalase injections?

  • In some cases, patients need to repeat the Hyalase injections. You may need these injections after 2 days or 2 weeks to get the filler area to its natural state.

Can Hyalase treatment cause pain in the lip area?

  • Yes, getting your filler dissolved might be an uncomfortable procedure. The lips are an extremely sensitive part because there are many nerve endings present in this area. So, the use of needles for injecting Hyalase dose can cause minor pain.

Can hyaluronidase dissolve skin tissue?

  • No, hyaluronidase does not dissolve skin tissue. It can dissolve your body’s natural hyaluronic acid but does not affect the tissues.

Further Reading and Medical References about Hyalase Treatment