• Procedures

    Dr Michael Kernohan is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence and the very best aesthetic results. He uses the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery while maintaining the best patient care and ethics. Dr Kernohan offers a  range of plastic surgery from Skin Cancer to Breast, Body, Nose and Face Surgery.

  • Facial Surgery

    Would you like Face, Eyelid or Nose Surgery to improve your confidence?
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  • Body Surgery

    Are you suffering from skin irritation due to sagging skin in your tummy area? Do you feel that your body has undergone significant changes due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations? If you are bothered by these conditions, tummy surgery might benefit you.
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  • Breast Surgery

    Are your breast smaller than you’d like? Are you bothered by your sagging breasts following pregnancy or weight fluctuations? Do you have overly large breasts that impair your quality of life? The you may benefit from undergoing breast surgery.
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  • Other Plastic Surgery

    Cancer Surgery, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery - Skin Cancer, Facial Palsy and Post-Cancer Treatments
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  • Medispa & Injectables

    Does you face look tired? Would you like a facial rejuvenation treatment to plump your lips, contour your face or improve your skin?
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  • Pricing

    Gain a general understanding of the range of prices, fees and costs involved in your cosmetic plastic procedure.
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    Dr Michael Kernohan works tirelessly to deliver the very best in face, breast and tummy surgery in Southwestern Sydney NSW.

    Dr Michael and the team strive to do everything possible, not only for your surgery but your entire patient experience. We want you to have a smooth and successful journey from your first contact to well after your surgery.
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  • Before Your Surgery

    Visit the FAQ's and Patient Resources to prepare for surgery
  • After Your Surgery

    Best tips and instructions for your recovery after Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Scar Treatments and Injectables

    After care for your skin and surgical incisions to look your best
  • Patient Resources

    Read our useful patient resources to help you prepare for your surgical journey with Dr Kernohan. Whether you’re looking into risks and potential complications, recovery after surgery or you want to know what to expect this information can help.
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    These helpful guides include information and resources for plastic surgery patients that can assist with your surgical journey
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