Prices and Costs for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Sydney

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Prices and Payment Plans

Dr Michael Kernohan is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney NSW – Here are his prices and costs.

How Much Does it Cost Dr Kernohan Sydney

How much is a Consultation with Dr Kernohan?

Cosmetic Consultations (in person or virtual)

  • Initial consultation: $320 (inc GST) 
  • 2nd appointment – no fee / no charge follow up 

Medical Consultations for Non-Cosmetic Procedures (skin cancers, hand surgery etc)

  • Initial consultation: $300
  • Follow ups $185

Pensioners Consultations 

  • Initial consultation: $250
  • Follow ups; $150

How to book and pay for your Surgery with Dr Kernohan

  • Full payment will be required at least 1 week prior to your surgery theatre date
  • Payment methods include bank transfer or cash – you can also pay with VISA Credit Card

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in Sydney, Australia?

Average prices paid for cosmetic and plastic surgery are different across Australia. Prices and Hospital Costs vary for plastic surgery as every patient has slightly different anatomy and varying surgical needs.

Your Price for surgery depends mostly on which surgeon, which hospital, type of prosthesis and how long the surgery will take. It will also vary based on eligibility for Medicare and whether you are insured or uninsured.

A fully personalised quote for your plastic surgery procedure is available when you come for a confidential consultation

Your Quote as part of a fully informed financial consent will outline your specific

  • Hospital Costs based on theatre time and length of hospital stay
  • Surgeon Fee
  • Anaesthetists Fee
  • Assistants Fee (if applicable)
  • Prosthesis or Implant fee (if applicable)
  • Any medicare codes that may be applicable to your surgery

A consultation with Plastic Surgeon Dr Kernohan will get you started on your journey and provide you with further information and a cost for the procedure

Please call the clinic on 1300 39 38 99 to get a rough quote or estimate for your procedure

Prices of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Dr Michael Kernohan

Will Medicare Cover my Procedure?

Many patients want to know if Medicare will cover plastic surgery. Medicare will cover what is deemed essential reconstructive surgery and procedures that have associated Medicare item numbers listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

Dr Kernohan and his team can help you understand if your procedure may be covered by Medicare, however if you wish to look up a particular type of surgery and their item numbers, refer to the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

Medicare will not cover cosmetic surgery procedures – like a cosmetic breast augmentation or boob job.

If you meet the strict criteria you may be eligible for a medicare iterm number Breast Surgery, Tummy Surgery and post weight loss Excess Skin removal amongst many other procedures.

Private Health Funds – Are you an Insured or Uninsured Patient ?

You can undertake your surgery as a self-funded (uninsured) patient or you may be covered by your Private Health Fund. There are many different private health funds and some are more generous than others.

Your Private Health Fund may partly contribute to the cost of your surgery IF you have a valid medical referral and meet the specific criteria for a Medicare Item Number.

You must also have the right LEVEL of insurance cover – Gold, Silver or Bronze – for the type of surgery you want. You may have to delay surgery after initially joining a health fund – typically a 12 month waiting period needs to be served before you can have surgery.

GAP or NO GAP Plastic Surgery?

Nearly all plastic surgeons now charge a GAP fee on top of what medicare and Private Health Funds are willing to contribute for your surgery. Medicare rebates have been fixed and have not increased for years. This has resulted in few if any NO GAP Plastic surgeons willing to charge the standard medicare fee and health fund rebate.

Will your Super Fund pay for your plastic surgery?

You may be able to get early access to your Superannuation Fund to pay for your life-changing surgery.

This is most likely to apply to Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), Breast Reduction, Body Contouring, Arm lift, Nose Surgery or Skin Reduction after significant weight loss or Bariatric Surgery.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) will assess your Early Super Fund Access application for medical procedures that treat life-threatening illnesses or chronic pain. The final decision, however, will be made by your own Super Fund as some funds will not allow withdrawal. Find out more by visiting the ATO website or contacting Supercare.

Payment Plans and Medical Finance for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

  • You can find a range of medical finance providers that offer finance and payment plans for plastic surgery by typing in “Medical Finance Australia” into Google
  • Total Lifestyle Credit and Medipay may help finance your medical and surgery costs.
  • Want to learn more? Phone us today on 1300 39 38 99 – we’re here to help.


Anti Wrinkle Injections – Botox Prices Sydney

  • 1 area – $577.50 inc GST
  • 2 areas – $759 inc GST
  • 3 areas – $891 in GST

Dermal Filler Prices

  • 1st time – $660 inc GST
  • 2nd time onwards – $561.00 inc GST (15% reduction)

Further Reading – About pricing and insurance coverage

Dr Michael Kernohan - Best plastic Surgeon Sydney NSW

Dr Michael Kernohan – Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney NSW

Dr Michael Kernohan is a Sydney Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon providing a wide range of services from skin cancer to cosmetic surgery for the face, nose, breast and body.

He also offers complex reconstructive procedures following trauma and a range of cancer treatments using the most innovative and up-to-date treatment options.

Dr Kernohan is able to care for both public and private patients and currently has appointments in five Sydney hospitals and has an additional leadership role as Director of Surgical Specialities.

His main clinic is now located in Gregory Hills and he has 4 other locations – Bowral, Liverpool, Surry Hills (city) and Campbelltown Clinic – servicing patients in Sydney Southwest and Southern Highlands.

Please call on 1300 39 38 99 or Contact us