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Breast Lift with Implants in Sydney with Dr Kernohan

Breast lift with implants is known in medical terms as a Mastopexy with implants or Breast Augmentation Mastopexy. The Breast Augmentation with a breast lift procedure is designed to fill out breasts while providing an instant lift. The breast lift with implants aims to restore the natural position of the breast on the chest wall while adding firmness and fullness in the upper pole.

The surgery can change the aspect of the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but it is recommended for women suffering from breast ptosis in general.

Dr Michael Kernohan is a highly experienced Sydney plastic surgeon and he performs the breast lift with implants surgery in his cosmetic clinics in Sydney’s Southwest Suburbs and the Southern Highlands.

Along with adding the volume and restoring firmness to your breasts, Dr Kernohan will also perform corrections to your nipples & areola and reposition them to a natural location. Oversized Areola or Enlarged nipples can also be corrected when this procedure is performed.

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Why Get a Breast Lift with Implants?

Breast lift is the optimal procedure for you if:

  • You notice visible droopiness and sagginess of the breasts
  • Your breasts have changed in terms of position and volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • You have overstretched and enlarged nipples or areolas

Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift with Implants 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of getting a breast lift with implants:

1. Breast Fullness

One of the main benefits of getting a breast lift with implants is that your breast size will increase. If you want fuller, bigger breasts, the implants can add this volume.

2. Altered Breast Contour and Shape

Your breast contour will change and look completely different. A combination of lift and breast implant can make a difference.

Breast Lift with Implant Technique

Multiple techniques are used for a breast lift with implants.

Dr Kernohan will discuss with you the placement of the incisions and the suitable technique for your particular case during the initial consultation. Generally speaking, these are the most popular techniques:

– The Anchor Breast Lift Incision – Traditional technique

As the name suggests, the incision pattern resembles an anchor. It essentially involves a large scar under the breast and is certainly one of the most commonly used methods in Australia as it allows for larger implants to be inserted into the breasts. The incisions are positioned in the fold under the breasts – where the breasts meet the chest wall and vertically toward the edge of the areolas.

– The Lollipop Lift Incision or Lejour Technique

When the Lollipop Lift is performed, the incision is made in the shape of a lollipop. One doughnut shape incision is made around the areola and another incision runs straight down from the areola to the breast crease. It is relatively a modern technique that is also widely used in Australia.

– Other Techniques – Crescent Breast Lift or Benelli Breast lift

These Breast Lift incision techniques have smaller scars but can only be used for very mild breast ptosis, They are rarely done by Australian plastic surgeons.

Breast Lift with Implant Procedure

The technique used for the surgery depends on your personal characteristics and the size of implants to be used.

Generally speaking, the breast lift with implants procedure involves the following steps:

  • Prior to the surgery, Dr Kernohan will mark your body while you are standing to see the lifted nipple position
  • After this, general anaesthesia is administered
  • The surgeon makes the incisions
  • A pocket is created inside the breasts (either under the mammary gland tissue, under the chest muscles or in an in-between position called a dual-plane)
  • The surgeon inserts the implants into these pockets
  • The excess skin is removed, enlarged areolas are corrected
  • Then the surgeon will close the incisions with stitches, followed by a bandage and surgical tape

Recovery from Breast Lift with Implants

Dr Kernohan will give you a list of very specific instructions to follow after the surgery. It is important to stick to all the instructions given by your surgeon if you want your recovery to go smoothly.

Expect to have swelling, soreness and discomfort post the surgery. These side effects are normal and will subside within a few weeks, provided that you follow the indications. Most patients are able to go back to work within 1-2 weeks after the surgery. in the first days after the surgery, it is best to restrict your activity levels to a bare minimum and allow your body to heal.

Here is a list of instructions you’ll need to follow:

  • Take all the medications given by your surgeon to help with the pain and discomfort
  • Make sure to visit your surgeon for follow up appointments to ensure you are healing at the right place
  • Wear a surgical bra as instructed by your surgeon for at least six weeks to support your breasts. Do not go braless now
  • Take care of your incisions as per the instructions given by your surgeon
  • Do not bathe in hot water, dive in swimming pools or visit saunas as it can increase the risk of infections
  • Do not take blood-thinning medications and herbal supplements as they can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding after the surgery
  • Sleep on your back with a few pillows propped up underneath to help reduce the swelling
  • Keep your incisions clean and dry at all times
  • Avoid exposing your scars to the sun for at least a year after getting the surgery done
  • Make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet that is low in sodium
  • Aim at sleeping at least 8 hours a day and take small naps throughout the day
  • Avoid strenuous activities for at least 6 weeks following the surgery
  • Do not smoke as it can hinder the healing process and trigger unwanted complications such as wound dehiscence or skin necrosis
  • If you notice any signs of infections in the first days post-op, immediately get in touch with your surgeon

Avoid strenuous activities during the first-week post-op. Make sure to have someone to help you around the house for at least the first two days after the breast lift with implants surgery. Go to your post-op appointments with the plastic surgeon to allow him to evaluate the healing process.

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Risks and Complications after the Breast Lift with Implants

A breast lift with implants is a complex surgery – involving both a breast lift and breast implants. It can be performed as a one-stage or two-stage procedure.

Just like any other surgical procedure, it is associated with potential risks and complications. To minimise the risks, make sure to prepare for the surgery and follow Dr Kernohan’s instructions for post-surgery care.

Please read Dr Kernohan’s Risks of Surgery page for more information


How Much Is a Breast Lift with Implant Surgery in Sydney?

The average cost of breast lift with implants is around $12,000 to $15,000 in Australia. The cost can be different from one surgeon to the other, depending on the surgeon’s experience and the implants used. A lower cost is not necessarily a good deal as it can mean that lower quality implants are used or the surgeon is not too experienced performing the procedure.

Visit Dr Kernohan’s pricing page for more information or to get an estimate for your procedure contact his team now.

Will Medicare Cover Breast Lift Dr Kernohan Sydney - Breast Lift Cost Sydney - breast lift sydney

Will Medicare Cover the Costs of a Breast Lift with Implants?

As it is an elective procedure, Medicare or insurance companies don’t usually cover the costs. Medicare and insurance companies will only cover the charges for those women who have had a mastectomy done due to breast cancer.

Funding Your Breast Lift with Implants Surgery in Sydney

If you are getting a breast lift with implants for aesthetic reasons, you can discuss your financing options with your surgeon during the consultation. There are multiple financing options available and you will surely find something suitable for you.

How to Find the Right Surgeon for a Breast Lift with Implants in Sydney

Getting the results you desire is the goal of any plastic surgery. To make sure you achieve satisfactory results, you should first and foremost make sure you have chosen the right plastic surgeon for a breast lift with implants in Sydney. If you are confident you choose well in terms of the surgeon performing the procedure, all you have to do after this is just follow his recommendations for after-surgery care.

Consider these points prior to selecting a surgeon for a breast lift with implants:

  • Make sure that the surgeon is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Pay close attention to the experience and expertise of the surgeon. Make sure that breast lift with implants is one of the procedures they perform on a regular basis
  • If the surgeon has hospital privileges; it is a major plus and speaks volumes about the credibility of the surgeon
  • Always look for before and after pictures of patients having the same procedure you want to get
  • Make sure you can communicate efficiently and honestly with the plastic surgeon before booking the surgery

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before the Breast Lift with Implants Surgery

To make sure you understand all the details about getting a breast lift with implants, ask your plastic surgeon these questions:

  • How often do you perform the breast lift with implants surgery?
  • Will you be involved during the recovery phase of the breast lift with implants?
  • How do you handle any complications that could occur during a breast lift with implants surgery?
  • What makes me the right candidate for breast lift with implants?
  • Can I see before and after pictures of your past clients with a similar body type to mine?
  • How do you plan to hide my scars after breast lift with an implant? Do you recommend any other procedures for me?
  • How involved will you be during the recovery phase?
  • What If I experience any complications during the recovery phase?
  • Can you recommend me any procedures to treat the scars after the surgery?
  • Can you recommend me a recovery facility? Or can I take care of myself at home?
  • What are the payment options available?

Further Reading and Medical References

Breast Lift with Implants FAQs

Breast Lift with Implants FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the breast lift with implants surgery: