Jaw Slimming Injections Sydney

Jaw Slimming and Contouring with Injectables in Sydney

Injectables are one of the options for jaw slimming and contouring.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael Kernohan regularly performs different facial procedures, including injectables, in Southwest Sydney and Southern Ranges NSW.

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What Are Jawline Injectables?

These days, you can correct your facial contours without surgery with the help of minimally invasive procedures. Jaw slimming and contouring can be done by using injectables. In injectable treatment, botulinum toxin or fillers are used.

Botulinum toxin is used to create a slimming effect at the level of the jawline. In some circumstances fillers can also be used for the treatment of jaw contouring and are also helpful if you are suffering due to volume loss.

How Do Injectables Work?

Slimming Injectables contains a neurotoxin which is used to temporarily relax the muscles of the jaw area. Once the substance is injected, it helps reduce the contraction of muscles. Injectable treatment temporarily relaxes the jaw muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Cause of Square Jawline in Women

Some women have a square jawline due to the presence of large masseter muscles. These muscles are located in the jaw and help in the movement of the lower part of the face during eating. With age, these muscles give a more masculine appearance. With the injectables treatment, your masseter or chew muscles become weak and lead to a smaller jawline.  

Jaw Slimming and Contouring with Injectables Procedure

When this procedure is performed, a local anaesthesia cream can be used and applied to the jaw area. Then, a small needle is used to inject botulinum toxin into the muscles. The procedure takes very little time and can be highly effective. You might feel a slight level of discomfort. There is minimal recovery period and you can notice jaw slimming and contouring within 2 to 8 weeks.

You should avoid rubbing your face for 24 hours to prevent the spreading of substance to other areas of the face. You can start your normal routine after the procedure.

Jawline Injectables Aftercare:

The injectables are effective but it is always a good idea to follow an aftercare routine. Here is what you should do after the procedure:

  • You should not touch the treated area too much for a few days
  • Do not apply pressure when using skincare
  • You should also avoid face massages and other facial treatments
  • You should avoid exercise for at least 24 hours

Potential Risks and Complications of Jawline Injections

Generally, jaw slimming and contouring with injectables is considered to be safe but there are some complications that could occur in rare cases such as:

  • Pain due to insertion of needles
  • Swelling on the site of injection
  • Drooling
  • Crooked smile
  • Headache

Make sure to check out the risks and complications of plastic surgery page to find out more details.

Good Candidates for Jaw Slimming and Contouring

To find out more details about the treatment and the eligibility criteria, schedule a consultation with Dr Michael Kernohan now.

Results after Jaw Slimming Injections

After getting the injectable treatment, you can get a slim jaw for up to 3 to 4 months. The treatment reduces the appearance of jowls and helps in jaw contouring.

If you want to prolong the results of the injectables, there are some aspects you need to keep in mind:

  • You should avoid excessive exposure to the sun and use sunscreen on the face
  • You should maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol drinking
  • It is important to visit the surgeon’s office for touch-up treatments

Injectables are helpful for reshaping your jawline. It is a non-surgical procedure that provides effective results. There is no downtime during this treatment and you can start your normal routine and the completion of treatment. 

Jawline Injectables Cost Sydney – How much is Jaw Contouring Treatment in Sydney?

Jawline Injectables Cost Sydney

The cost of jawline injections vary depending on a range of factors. From the experience of the doctor, nurse or plastic surgeon, to the clinic where the procedure is performed, to the type of injectable used.

To find out more about jawline injectables costs and fees, check out the plastic surgery prices page. Or you can contact Dr Kernohan’s team to set up an appointment or to ask about a cost estimate for your procedure.

Jawline Slimming and Contouring FAQs:

Can injectables slim my jawline?

  • If you want a more prominent V-line on the face, injectables can be used to relax the masseter muscles in selected cases. When injectables reduce the size of these muscles, it slims the jawline. They enhance the visibility of the V-line in your face.

How long does jaw contouring with injectable last?

  • Although the results of jaw contouring with injectables are not permanent, they can be long-lasting. The results can last four to six months if you follow all the aftercare routines.

How many units of injectables are needed for jaw slimming and contouring?

  • The exact number of units can vary from patient to patient according to the results desired and the patient’s unique anatomy.

Do masseter injectables slim your face?

  • The use of injectables on the masseter muscles can help to relax these muscles and make your jaw area slim providing you with a more feminine facial contour.

Can I eat after injectable treatment?

  • Yes, you can still eat and chew after getting injectable treatment. Even if the injections are delivered into the masseter muscles the treatment doesn’t cause difficulty in eating. You can eat without any problems after getting jawline slimming injections.

Can the injectable treatment go wrong?

  • If a large dose of botulinum toxin is delivered into the masseter muscles, you may experience difficulty in chewing and eating. The risk of injectable treatment going wrong and affecting chewing or eating is very low.

How long does it take for injectable treatment to slim and contour your face?

  • Injectable treatment usually takes 2 to 5 days to start working, you can notice full results within a few days. The treatment results last for up to six months, so you need to get a new session of injectables after a 4 to 6 months. It helps maintaining the slim and contoured aspect of your jaw area.

Can injectable treat a clicking jaw?

  • Yes, injectables are highly effective for your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It helps to reduce pain and enhance mouth movements for up to 3 months after the treatment.

What do injectables in masseter do?

  • Injectables help relax the masseter muscles by reducing movement. After injectable treatment, the muscles are relaxed. You will be able to normally move your jaw, chew the food and make facial expressions after getting the treatment.

What should I do after injectable treatment?

  • You have to follow aftercare precautions that increase the result of the injectable treatment. You should avoid drinking alcohol. It is important to avoid touching your face. Otherwise, it can increase the spreading of the substance to other parts of the face. You should avoid sleeping on the treated area.

Is jaw injectable treatment painful?

  • The insertion of a needle for the treatment may cause discomfort similar to the bug bite. You should use an ice pack or numbing cream to ease the pain.

Do I need repeat injectable treatment to sustain the results?

  • When injectables are used to reduce the movement of masseter muscles, you can see results for up to 4 to 6 months. Results can even last for 9 months. So, it is recommended to repeat the injectable treatment after every 6 months to maintain the results.

Is jaw injectable treatment safe?

  • The injectable treatment is a safe and effective procedure when performed by a specialist plastic surgeon. It is approved by FDA for the treatment of TMJ, so you can use injectables for the treatment of jaw slimming and contouring.

Does injectable treatment in masseter muscles cause jowls?

  • After injectable treatment, the muscles become weaker and smaller. You may need touch up procedures 2 to 4 times a year to maintain the results. The jowls are hidden under the fullness of masseter muscles but the reduction of masseter muscles may lead to different anatomic problems in some patients.

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