Body Contouring after Weight loss NSW

Body Contouring Sydney – Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

Excess skin that occurs after significant weight loss can lead to rashes and fungal infections in between the skin folds. Other potential changes are associated with limited mobility, problems with sexual function and trouble urinating. 

Surgical body contouring removes excess skin following weight loss surgery and can eliminate the excess skin.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael Kernohan is performing post weight loss surgery in Sydney Australia. 

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What is Excess Skin Removal or Body Contouring Surgery?

With excessive weight gain, your skin stretches beyond its limits and you end up having loose sagging skin after a massive weight loss. Surgical body contouring can help remove excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue, primarily post-bariatric surgery. Typically, Dr Kernohan will create an incision in the targeted area, remove excess fat (if required), tighten underlying tissues and get rid of any excess skin. 

Many different body contouring surgical techniques are used to target different parts of the body. Different types of body contouring procedures include arm lift (Brachioplasty), breast lift, lower abdomen lift (panniculectomy), thigh lift (thighplasty) and upper and lower body lift. The way to determine what is the right surgery for you is to visit Dr Kernohan. Based on your unique needs, he will devise a suitable treatment plan for you. 

Benefits of Getting Body Contouring Procedures in Sydney

Some benefits are:

·       Multiple Areas can be targeted at the Same Time 

Body contouring surgery can address multiple areas in the same operative session. It is a good option for those who have lost a significant amount of weight and have loose skin.

·       Improved Comfort 

Once the excess skin is removed, you will be more easily able to move around and perform exercises, minus all the discomfort. Chafing, pulling, excess weight, interference, jiggling might be gone too.

·       Safe Technique 

When done by the right surgeon, body lift surgery is a techniques available to contour the body. Dr Kernohan aims to help you get optimal results. Find out more about the risks of plastic surgery here.

·       Long-Lasting Results 

The results of body contouring cosmetic surgery post weight loss are considered permanent, provided that you maintain a healthy weight post the surgery.

Body Contouring Photo Gallery

Taking a look at previous body contouring procedures speaks volumes about the expertise of a specific surgeon, and Dr Kernohan is not an exception. You can see Dr Kernohan’s patients before and after photos during your consultation. 

Is Loose Skin Removal Surgery Right for Me?

Although your suitability of the procedure can only be determined after a consultation with Dr Kernohan, here are a few things that help make you more suitable:

  • You have lost significant weight and are maintaining your weight for three to six months
  • If you are a healthy individual with no chronic illnesses. It can increase the risk of surgery or lead to difficult healing
  • You are not a smoker or can quit smoking for a specified duration
  • You have realistic expectations from the treatment and a positive outlook
  • You are committed to sticking to a healthy lifestyle post-surgery

What can I Expect during Loose Skin Removal Surgery?

To begin, Dr Kernohan and his staff will briefly explain to you the details of the surgery. While the surgery is a highly customised procedure, here is what to expect: 

  • The surgery will begin with a general anaesthesia. This is an important step and ensures you sleep comfortably through the procedure and won’t feel a thing. One of the staff members will keep watching your heart rate, blood pressure and other important signs
  • Dr Kernohan will make an incision in the area to be contoured. This might include your arms, mid-section, thighs etc. Then the excess skin is removed and the underlying tissue is tightened. In some cases, Dr Kernohan might also use liposuction to eliminate excess fat
  • At the end, Dr Kernohan will apply dressings on your incisions to secure everything in place
  • Dr Kernohan surgically reconnects the skin to give you a smooth contour. He pays special attention to minimising the look and appearance of scars during the procedure
  • Immediately post the surgery, you will be given antibiotics to prevent infections
  • If needed, the surgery might be done in a series of different settings instead of a single procedure

Recovery after Body Contouring Weight loss Surgery 

As soon as you wake up, you will have a tube underneath your skin at the level of the surgical incision. It will help drain the fluids that could otherwise build-up. You might feel some pain and discomfort post-surgery. Don’t worry as you will be prescribed pain medications. You can start eating a normal diet as soon as you feel ready to. 

Most patients are required to stay in the hospital overnight. Make sure to arrange for someone to drive you home on the day of the surgery. You will be given detailed instructions on how to take care of your wounds. At any point during the recovery phase, you experience a fever, redness or excessive draining, immediately get in touch with your doctor. 

First things first, take the specified time period off from work (It can vary from person to person). You will have to limit your movements for the first few weeks post the surgery. It will significantly improve your chances of a smooth recovery.

Take care of your wounds as per the instructions given by your medical team. Keep the incisions clean and dry at all times. Have a healthy diet, rest as much as you possibly can and aim at walking lightly for five to ten minutes around the house. 

Never miss a follow-up appointment. They are more important than you realise. You will be able to see the initial results of the surgery despite the swelling.

Body Contouring after Weight Loss Surgery Cost Sydney – How much is Excess Skin Removal Surgery in Sydney ? – Body Contouring Prices & Fees

Excess Skin Removal Sydney - Dr Michael Kernohan Leading Plastic Surgeon NSW - body contouring after weight loss

The costs of a loose skin removal surgery in Sydney depends on various factors such as:

  • Surgeon’s reputation, level of expertise, qualifications
  • What is included in the surgical quote or price estimate
  • Where is surgery performed
  • Whether surgery is a medically-indicated or cosmetic procedure
  • The complexity of the case

As the procedure is highly customised, you can learn more about the prices of surgery by phoning the team or visiting Dr Kernohan’s pricing page.

Funding Your Body Contouring Procedure 

In some cases, the insurance companies and Medicare might cover the cost whereas, in others, you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket. If you are wondering “Will Medicare cover my surgery”, you can check out more details here.

What is important to keep in mind is that there are body contouring after weight loss surgery payment plans and financing options available to help you pay for your intervention. Have a look at the price page too for more info.

Contact Dr Kernohan’s team for a cost estimate or to schedule an appointment now.

Planning Your Patient Journey

Your loose skin removal patient journey starts with scheduling an appointment to see Dr Kernohan for consultation. An appointment is a perfect opportunity for you to talk about the reasons behind your interest to undergo surgery and the results you expect to see. Dr Kernohan will carefully examine your excess skin & body and recommend the most suitable approach for your needs.

How to Find the Best Body Contouring Surgeon in Sydney? 

The results of the surgery heavily depend on the surgeon you choose. For that reason, you need to look for a reputable plastic surgeon with significant experience in performing body contouring procedures.

Of course, the surgeon you choose should be qualified, certified, and recognised by the RACS and ASPS – the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons that monitor the work of healthcare professionals.

FAQs – Body Contouring after Weight loss Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get regarding skin removal surgery:

How much weight do you have to lose for excess skin removal surgery?

  • While there are no specific criteria on the amount of weight loss required to get skin removal surgery, most people who get it done have lost a considerable amount of weight. 
  • There are some criteria for Medicare Item Number numbers that require 5 BMI Weightloss sustained for 6 months.

When can I have skin removal surgery after weight loss?

  • Most surgeons recommend getting the surgery done three to six months after you have reached a normal weight and maintained the weight. 

Will insurance cover the excess skin removal surgery after weight loss?

  • In most cases, heavy, excess skin left behind after weight loss is considered a medical condition due to discomfort and increased risk for skin conditions. Most insurance providers will cover it if you are eligible for a Medicare rebate. The best way to determine that is to check in with your doctor or surgeon. 

Does loose skin removal surgery leave scars?

  • Yes, the surgery will leave some scars but they are generally well hidden by the undergarments and swimsuits. Once you are fully healed, you can discuss your scar minimisation options with Dr Kernohan. 

How long does skin removal surgery take?

  • The procedure itself usually takes between three to five hours to complete depending on how much skin and fat are removed.

What is excess skin removal surgery called?

  • Excess skin removal surgery is also referred to as a body lift or surgical body contouring procedure.

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