Questions about Plastic Surgery and Procedures by Dr Michael Kernohan Plastic Surgeon

Q. How much is a Cosmetic consultation with Dr Kernohan or a Plastic Surgeon at Pure Visage?

A. Initial consultation (includes a follow-up) $350 (inc GST).

Q. Medical Consultations for Non-Cosmetic Procedures (skin cancers, etc)

A. Patients Initial consultation $350, follow-up review $250. Pensioners Consultations Initial consultation $250, follow-up review $150. You may be able to claim a medicare rebate of around $70 for some non cosmetic consultations.

Q. Do I need a medical referral to see Dr Kernohan or a Plastic Surgeon?

A. All patients now require a medical referral (preferably from your GP) to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation for cosmetic surgery. A Medical Referral from a GP is valid for 12 months and a referral from a Specialist is valid for 3 months. Find out how to get a medical referral – and what it need to contain.

Q. Can I have Skin Cancer Surgery or Minor Surgery on the same day as my Consultation?

A. Dr Kernohan or your plastic surgeon at Pure Visgae will consult with you about your case and discuss your treatment options. Your options may include a biopsy, a small procedure in the rooms under a local anaesthetic, or admitting you into the hospital for a larger procedure. He can perform an urgent biopsy if he deems it appropriate, but will usually arrange another appointment for any treatment.

Q. Can I claim my surgical procedure from my private health fund?

A. Your health fund will only come into effect when you are admitted as an in-patient in the hospital. They do not pay for outpatient appointments/procedures. You will need to qualify for a medicare item number and have a valid medicare referral.

Q. Can I drive after my procedure is done in the rooms?

A. Usually yes, unless it is a procedure involving your eyes. The procedure is done using local anaesthetic, meaning you will not be asleep and there are no reasons for you to be unable to drive.

Q. How many consultations will be needed before having Cosmetic Surgery?

According to new Medical Board / AHPRA Guidelines, you will need to have a minimum of 2 consultations and a 7 day ‘cooling-off period’ before having cosmetic surgery (Surgery without a medicar item number)