Gender Affirmation Surgery Sydney

Top Surgery and FFS Facial Surgery by Dr Kernohan

What is Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Gender affirmation surgery or gender confirmation surgery and transgender surgery are all terms for a urgical procedure in which Dr Kernohan can change physical and sexual characteristics. Previously known as Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) or SRS, these procedures can help with Gender Dysphoria.

Dr Michael Kernohan is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Southwest Sydney and has significant experience performing gender surgery – top surgery for the breasts & chest.

Top Surgery

There are two main types of TOP surgery. Male to Female (MTF) and Female to Male (FTM). The surgery either removes breast tissue to make the chest more masculine or involves breast implants and/or fat grafting to make the chest more feminine.

These procedures may help with the treatment of gender dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria is a psychological condition in which a person does not identify with the gender they were born.


FFS Facial Feminisation Surgery

Some of the gender plastic surgeries include:

Trans Facial Surgery like adams apple surgery or facial feminisation surgery or FFS

MTF Top Surgery

Male to Female Transgender Surgery

It is also known as Transgender Breast Augmentation or feminising breast surgery – breast mammoplasty. The surgical procedure can add tissue or implants to create a more feminine chest.

This procedure is for trans women who want to look more feminine and overcome their gender dysphoria by transforming the shape & size of their breasts.

FTM Top Surgery

Female to Male Transgender Surgery

Female to Male top surgery is the reconstructive surgical procedure involving the removal of breast tissue. Other names for this procedure include; masculinising chest surgery or subcutaneous mastectomy.

It is a treatment of gender dysphoria in transgender men.

Visit the clinic to see the real patient photo gallery of Before and After Gender Affirmation surgery. Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly.

Hormone Therapy and Gender Surgery

Hormone therapy involves taking estrogen or testosterone. The therapy is not always required before top surgery. However, in some transgender men, hormone therapy can help the chest muscles to grow. While, for women, it can increase the breast tissue before breast augmentation.

Hormones before surgery can help give a better outcome after the top surgery. Your doctor often tests your hormone levels before the surgery to ensure if it is within the target range.

Your Transgender Surgery Journey

Consultation with Dr Kernohan

Before you undergo top surgery, you will have a thorough consultation with your surgeon to fulfill certain prerequisites.

You need to have the support of both a psychologist (WPATH) and your surgeon who will screen and diagnose your mental and physical health status and if you have any medical comorbidities.

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After discussing all the risks, complications and conditions with your Dr Kernohan, you must give informed consent that includes:

  • Risks and benefits
  • Expense
  • Alternative method
  • Social and legal implications
  • Complications as well as the irreversibility of the procedure

Trans Surgery and Gender Affirmation Surgery FAQs

Is gender affirmation surgery painful?

The surgery is done under general anaesthesia so you won’t feel pain at all during the procedure.

Is gender affirmation surgery considered cosmetic?

Although gender surgery is done to manage the medical condition gender dysphoria, it is considered cosmetic.

However, it is considered a medical necessity under the following conditions:

  • You are above 16 years of age and are legally approved to choose whatever gender you want.
  • You are in complete well-being with no further medical illness.
  • There is an applicable Medicare item number (new item numbers for Gender Surgery are coming )

Further reading & Medical References about GAS, GRS and Trans Surgery