Body Surgery Sydney NSW

Dr Michael Kernohan is a specialist plastic surgeon offering a full range of body and tummy surgery in Sydney NSW.

Dr Kernohan has five clinic locations across Sydney Southwest suburbs and Southern Ranges.

Dr Kernohan’s areas of body surgery expertise include:

Download Dr Michael Kernohan excess skin reduction guide

Guide Excess Skin Reduction

Body lifting surgery for massive weightloss patients to remove excess skin

Post Weightloss Surgery – Excess Skin Reduction after Massive Weight loss – post obesity surgery

How Much Does it Cost Dr Kernohan Sydney

Body surgery cost Sydney – Fees and prices

How much is body surgery in Sydney?

Every patient is different and will require different treatments and procedures. Please visit Dr Kernohan’s Surgery pricing page for more information.

To get an estimated quote for your particular surgery, contact Dr Kernohan’s team on 1300 39 38 99 or fill in the contact form.

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