Facial beauty standards

Facial Beauty Standards

What is The Golden Ratio? Facial beauty has been a subject of interest for many people throughout history. Beauty is often defined as a combination of qualities that pleases the senses, especially the sight. While beauty standards vary across cultures, certain features are widely considered beautiful. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical concept that has
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How to fix tired eyes

How to Fix Tired-Looking Eyes

Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments to Correct Tired-Looking Eyes Genetics, ageing, sun damage, dehydration, and more can all cause bags under your eyes, puffy eyelids, and dark circles under your eyes. Those can give the impression that you’re exhausted or haven’t slept well even though you feel well-rested. Several natural remedies that you can try at
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Jaw profile

Jaw Profile – How to Get a Sculpted Jaw

Solutions for the Jaw and Lower Face contour Chin Profiles and Sculpted Jawlines have become quite an important aspect of beauty over the last decade. We see more and more jaw-enhancing tools pop up on the internet, beauty gurus teaching us how to achieve a sculpted jaw and celebrities flaunting their ever-so-sculpted face and jawline.
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