CoolPeel Laser – New Advancements Delivering Results

CoolPeel is pushing the boundaries of laser technology to deliver a treatment that offers many of the benefits of traditional fractional laser resurfacing but with less downtime and treatment discomfort.

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CoolPeel C02 Laser Before and After

CoolPeel is a new way to deliver CO2 laser to the skin. Using high peak power at low energy settings, it is pushing the boundaries of laser technology to deliver a treatment that offers the benefits of traditional fractional laser resurfacing with noticeably less downtime or treatment discomfort.

Dr Kernohan offers the CoolPeel Laser treatments in his Sydney Clinic.

CoolPeel is made possible thanks to innovative proprietary technology, PSD (Pulse Shape Design), which provides an unparalleled level of control and versatility.

Clinicians can tailor treatment parameters to suit each of their patient’s needs, optimising clinical outcomes while balancing the risk factors, downtime and pain management.

With a simple adjustment of parameters, CoolPeel delivers a skin resurfacing treatment that provides many of the benefits of stronger laser treatments but without the associated side effects.

CoolPeel treatments are comfortable and well tolerated by patients, with most not requiring topical anaesthetic. The treatment is also fast to perform – a full face treatment can be performed in 10 minutes.

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Before and After CoolPeel Results

Key benefits of cool peel

  • Low downtime.
  • Minimal discomfort (topical anaesthesia typically not required) • Can be used on all skin types, including darker skin types.
  • Unique pulse shape emission selection via PSD (Pulse Shape Design) technology allows for tailoring of results and downtime.
  • Ability to perform a broad range of treatments, including photo damage, scarring, pigmentation and deep wrinkles.
  • Fast treatment – full face can be performed in 10 minutes.
  • Reliability and control with minimum thermal damage and optimal recovery time.
  • Can be used with other modalities such as RF micro-needling.
  • No consumables; reduced operating cost.

Offering our patients the benefits of traditional fractional CO2 resurfacing without the lengthy downtime and treatment discomfort.

Cool Peel Technology

CoolPeel can deliver impressive superficial skin resurfacing results without the lingering heat that would traditionally damage the surrounding skin. The lack of unnecessary heat is what enables an immediate aesthetic effect, stimulating fresh skin with improved tone and texture. Controlled thermal damage means that downtime is minimised without compromising on results.


Cool Peel Q&A with Dr Michael Kernohan

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Sydney, NSW

In your experience, what are the key benefits of CoolPeel?

Dr Kernohan says CoolPeel is a quick procedure to perform and patients don’t usually need topical anaesthetic, which improves workflow. They leave the clinic with some redness like a mild to moderate sunburn colour. They feel some heat but minimal discomfort; it is very easily tolerated.

The results from CoolPeel, when balanced against treatment downtimes, are perfect for my patients. It complements my facial plastic surgery practice beautifully. It allows us to stay on top of skin texture in patients who have had surgery or are still thinking about it.

We use CoolPeel as a maintenance treatment following surgery or deeper resurfacing, with follow-up treatment once or twice a year.

The treatments can be repeated monthly to produce a cumulative improvement,
all with very minimal downtime and risk. Five treatments over a 6-month period is a great package to keep the skin texture in good order. It is very much a tailored solution, though.

We can also use it on all skin types, which is a huge advantage.

How does CoolPeel stand out in the market?

Firstly, CoolPeel has a neat footprint and takes up minimal space. It is simple to operate and has an ergonomic hand piece allowing full control of the shape of the area being treated. This makes difficult contours, like noses, easy to manage.

The CoolPeel laser itself has a broad range of applications, allowing more complex doctor-delivered treatments and more straightforward CoolPeel treatments performed by my staff. It has a wide array of settings that offer predictable and reproducible results.

What are the advantages of having a low energy, high peak power treatment?

Most importantly, it allows for meaningful results, with low downtime and better patient tolerance. Simply put, lasers allow greater control when compared with chemical peels, and the low energy/ high peak power is the sweet spot for low- downtime resurfacing.

How long does a typical full-face treatment take?

A full-face treatment takes about 15 minutes, with turnaround times of 30 minutes. This encompasses sufficient time to consult, consent, put the patients at ease, treat and apply aftercare treatments.

What has patient feedback been like?

The feedback from patients has been very positive. There is a hint of redness on day one but not enough to stop people working and going about their daily lives.

During the week, the skin feels rougher and then undergoes a light peel which is typically felt when they wash their faces. Patients report that their skin texture has a sandy feeling for a couple of days which is the peeling skin. However, the skin looks fairly normal to the public eye during this.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Dr Kernohan only offers treatments that really deliver an outcome that is reliable rather than speculative. CoolPeel does exactly this in a precise and efficient way, making it very easy to integrate into a busy workflow.

More FAQ’s

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