Round Vs Teardrop Implants – What Is the Right Option?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Each Implant Shape?

  • Are you considering getting breast implants surgery?
  • Wondering what type of implant to choose for your breast augmentation?
  • Interested to know how the shape of the implant can influence your results?

Breast implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves placing a silicone or saline-filled implant under the breast tissue or chest muscle to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts. The procedure is performed all around the world as it is the only way to increase the size of the breasts. If you are considering getting breast implants, you should know that there are a few decisions you will need to make, together with your plastic surgeon. One of these decisions is whether you go for round or teardrop implants.

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Round Vs Teardrop Breast Implants

Are you considering breast implants but can’t decide on the shape? If so, you’re not alone. Many women struggle with this decision because there are pros and cons to both round and teardrop shaped implants. In this blog post, we’ll break down those pros and cons to help you make a decision that’s right for you.

What is a breast implant?

The breast implant is actually an artificial prosthesis that helps to enlarge the breasts or to reconstruct them. A breast implant consists of a silicone membrane on the outside and cohesive silicone gel or physiological solution (saline) on the inside.

The intervention by which the breasts are subjected to changes in terms of size, shape and position, breast augmentation with breast implants is also called mammoplasty with silicone implant or breast augmentation.

When Can a Breast Implants Surgery Be Performed?

We can also mention the situations in which the appearance of the breasts must be changed for health reasons, after an oncological surgical intervention, when breast reconstruction with breast implants is the only option.

Patients who are faced with various congenital defects, with one or both left breasts or with differences in size between the two breasts can also opt for a breast implant.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Shape of the Breast Implant

Each woman has individual anatomical characteristics, unique shapes, sizes and proportions. That’s why breast implants also come in different shapes and sizes. Some women prefer to enlarge their breasts with small implants, others with large ones that stand out. At the same time, some patients want the bust to take a round and pronounced shape after the operation. Others, on the contrary, want their breasts to have a natural appearance so that it is difficult to guess whether they are augmented or not.

In whatever situation you find yourself, you have the opportunity to get the desired effect.

Thus, breast augmentation with silicone can be performed with round or anatomical implants, the choice of shape, size and projection being made in correlation with the following factors:

  • The characteristics and dimensions of your body

First and foremost, you should keep in mind the size and proportions of your body. You want to choose an implant that will look proportionate with the rest of your figure. If you have wide shoulders or a larger frame, you may wish to choose a larger implant. If you have a petite figure, smaller implants are usually the better choice. It is also important to consider your desired aesthetic outcome. Some women prefer a rounder, more voluptuous look while others prefer a more natural shape.

  • The amount of existing breast tissue

Another factor to take into account when selecting an implant type is the type of breast tissue you have. If you have a lot of natural breast tissue, then a larger implant may work better for you as it can be hidden behind your existing breast tissue to create a more natural look. However, if you have very little natural breast tissue and want to achieve dramatic results with larger implants, then a shaped implant might be the ideal choice.

  • Lifestyle

Finally, you should consider your lifestyle when selecting an implant shape. If you lead an active lifestyle and plan to participate in a lot of physical activities, then round implants may be the best option as they are less likely to move around or shift with movement. On the other hand, if you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, then shaped implants may be a better choice as they provide more stability and won’t shift as easily.

Differences between Round and Teardrop Breast Implants

Round breast implants fit perfectly round in the breast, providing a full and round appearance, while teardrop breast implants provide a more natural look, with more fullness at the base towards the chest wall and less roundness towards the nipple. Teardrops can often achieve a gentle slope to maintain subtle curves, as round implants cannot be easily shifted for optimal positioning. Additionally, round implants are composed of silicone gel, whereas teardrop exclusively use cohesive gel due to its formable shape. Ultimately, before selecting an implant size and shape it is necessary to consult with your plastic surgeon who will help determine your right type of implant based on desired goals and anatomy.

Which One is Right for Me?

Deciding which breast implant type is right for you can often feel overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of research and planning necessary to make such an important decision. To find the best option for you, it helps to narrow down a few different possibilities and explore them in more depth. Consider the types of results that interest you, as well as the long term implications, when making your choice. You may want to take your time discussing the options with an experienced specialist plastic surgeon.

The Pros and Cons of Each Implant Shape

When trying to decide between two options, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each. That can help guide our decision-making process and ensure that we make decisions in our best interest. Each option may come with its own set of positives and negatives, and it’s crucial to understand the trade-offs before making a final choice. By taking some time to assess each option, we can better determine which one is best for us based on the criteria that matter the most. Being mindful of this process can save us from frustration down the road by helping us choose an option that is sure to have a positive outcome for ourselves.

·       Advantages of Round Breast Implants

Round implants are the most popular choice for breast augmentation because they are easier to place and provide a more uniform shape. They can also be placed in any direction, providing flexibility during surgery. Additionally, round implants offer a variety of sizes that allow you to customise your desired appearance. Lastly, due to the uniform shape, round implants are less likely to create unnatural looking edges or ridges in the breast area.

·       Advantages of Teardrop Breast Implants

Teardrop implants provide a more natural look and feel than their round counterparts. The unique teardrop shape creates a gentle slope that mimics the natural curves of the breast for a more aesthetically pleasing result. Additionally, teardrop implants are firmer than round implants, so they are less likely to move around in the breast area and create rippling or other unnatural shapes. Last but not least, teardrop implants can provide a better overall projection of the upper pole of the breasts when implanted correctly by an experienced plastic surgeon.

·       Disadvantages of Round Breast Implants

Although round implants are easier to place, the uniform shape can make them less aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, due to their soft gel material, they have a higher rate of rippling in the breast area and can move around more easily inside the breast pocket.

·       Disadvantages of Teardrop Breast Implants

The main disadvantage of teardrop implants is that they are more difficult to place, as the teardrop shape must fit into the breast pocket correctly. Additionally, since they are firmer than round implants, they can feel less natural and cause discomfort in some patients. Lastly, due to their unique shape it can be difficult to find the right size and type of implant that will fit your body.

What Implant Shape is Right for Me?

Making a decision isn’t always easy. You think about all the possible options and circumstances that could arise from moving forward with a certain course of action. It often requires reflection, research, and weighing the pros and cons. It is human nature to fear the unknown and this can creep into our decision-making processes. While making decisions can be daunting, it’s important to remember that many decisions also bring rewards as well as risks. Whatever the eventual outcome might be, by taking control of the situation and having confidence in your plastic surgeon’s abilities and experience you will make sure you are making an informed, appropriate choice for yourself.

FAQs about Breast Implant Shapes and Breast Augmentation Surgery

What are the different shapes of breast implants available?

  • Breast implants come in two basic shapes: round and teardrop (anatomical). Round implants are symmetrical and provide a full, round appearance, while teardrop implants have a sloping, natural look.

Which shape of implant is best for me?

  • The best shape of implant for you will depend on your individual body shape, desired appearance, and surgeon’s recommendation. Round implants are often chosen for a full, voluminous look, while teardrop implants are more natural-looking and can create a more defined cleavage.

Can I change the shape of my implants after surgery?

  • It is possible to change the shape of your implants after surgery, but it will require another operation. It’s important to discuss your desired results and any concerns with your plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Do different shapes of implants have different risks?

  • Both round and teardrop implants have risks associated with their use, including implant rupture, capsular contracture, and asymmetry. It’s important to discuss these risks with your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation. While the breast augmentation surgery risks are the same no matter the type of implant used, the aesthetic results can vary depending on whether you choose round or teardrop implants for your surgery.

Can I choose the shape of implant based on my lifestyle and activities?

  • While your lifestyle and activities may influence your decision, the shape of implant that’s best for you will ultimately depend on your individual body shape and desired appearance. Your plastic surgeon can provide guidance on which implant shape may best meet your goals and deliver the results you expect.

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