Breast Lift vs Breast Implant

Should I Have a Breast Lift or Breast Implants?

Choosing Between Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation With advances in cosmetic surgery, you now have various options to alter the breast appearance, with breast lifts and breast implants being among the most sought-after procedures. Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael Kernohan aims to shed light on these options, helping you understand the differences, benefits, and considerations,
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Medicare for Breast Lift

Will Medicare Cover My Breast Lift Surgery?

Medicare Criteria for Breast Lift Surgery in Sydney In Australia, Medicare represents the foundation of the healthcare system, providing access to a wide range of health services for all Australian citizens and permanent residents. This public health insurance scheme is designed to ensure affordable, or in some cases, no-cost access to necessary healthcare. In this
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Options for drooping breasts after weight loss

Options for Drooping Breasts after Weight Loss

Surgical Solutions to Correct Breast Ptosis/Droopiness When weight loss occurs, the body undergoes several changes that can affect its overall function and appearance. One of the most significant changes is a reduction in body fat, which can lead to a decrease in overall weight and improvements in body composition. However, weight loss can also lead
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Breast lift scar treatment

Breast Lift-Mastopexy Scar Treatment, Healing and Fading

What to Expect and How to Manage Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Scars for Optimal Results Breast lift/Mastopexy surgery aims to improve the appearance of sagging breasts by reshaping and lifting them. However, like any surgical procedure, breast lift surgery comes with some potential side effects, with one of the most notable being breast lift scars. As
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How to get firmer breasts

How to Get Firmer Breasts

Natural Remedies and Surgical Options to Get Firmer Breasts Breasts can lose firmness and become saggy due to many reasons. Gravity, hormonal fluctuations, the natural ageing process, changes that occur during pregnancy as well as weight fluctuations can all be responsible for a lack of breast firmness. If you have a look online, you will
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Solutions for saggy breasts

Solutions for Saggy Breasts – Augmentation, Lift or Reduction

What Is the Best Treatment for Sagging Breasts? This condition is known as breast ptosis. If your breasts have become saggy, loose and have lost their perkiness, you are dealing with breast ptosis. If you experience drooping breasts, your nipples will also start pointing downwards. Women go through a lot of physical and physiological changes
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